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 About Dena


Literally taking a “hands-on” approach to her art, Dena creates bold, colorful pieces that speak to the heart and the senses. Drawing inspiration from family and community, she began her journey on canvas using traditional techniques. After several decades, she discovered her reliance on brushes and palette knives began to dwindle, finding them nothing more than a barrier between her emotions and the canvas she wished to make speak. Dena soon abandoned all instruments completely, save her hands, and transcended into her own method of finger painting.


Feeling the surface, sculpting the paint, shifting the colors as spontaneously as thought and desire, Dena has become one with her medium through her own unusual“hands on” techniques.Based in Florida, Dena has participated in many Tampa Bay area events. Her works have been featured at Square One productions, Arton Central walks, a variety of outdoor festivals, and several local galleries. Her finger painting process is unique, and she is often a participant in live painting engagements. Dena paints for local charities, as well, and has donated many originals and certificates for commissions to national and community based programs.In 2011, Dena became a member artist of the I-Tunes application Artbook Tampa Bay and is a featured artist in Volumes I and III. Check out her current installations at 14Days to Close Gallery Tampa, USF St. Pete, and Amalie Arena, home of the Tampa Bay Lightning.





All finger paintings are acrylic on canvas and gallery ready. Contact me for price, personal commissions, and availability .

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